About Us


Randall McClelland, PhD  CEO

Dr. McClelland founded SciKon in 2009.  He has more than 26-years patient healthcare experience providing clinical insights needed to improve patient well-being.  He has 20-years biomedical and tissue engineering experiences that are relevant to develop in vitro humanized bio-tools.  He has over 10-years advanced human and animal biology-physiology practice and 9-years of human stem cell background to understand cell, tissue, and organ responses related to environment ecosystems.   He has 11-years bioenvironmental health engineering with toxic health insults used to formulate acute action plans in support of warfighter health. In addition, he has 26-years of military and civilian chemical/biological/nuclear “health” warfare expertise used to evaluate different pathways of toxic insults.  These competencies are the backbone of SciKon’s business contributions.

Michael McCartney, COO, Business Operations

Mr. McCartney’s industry background includes over 20 years experience in the healthcare markets inclusive of executive level responsibilities in Sales Management, Global Marketing and Business Development.  Mike’s mix of competencies includes turning around underperforming businesses, developing strategy, sales support, new product development, new product introduction, financial analysis, and an understanding of the workings of start-up organizations as well as large, complex corporations.  Mike has lead global sales and marketing teams at companies such as Life Science Solutions, BioAgilytix Labs, Roche, Siemens and Abbott.

David Sloan, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Operations

Dr. Sloan has spent his career focused on new and emerging technologies. He has been a senior member of applications teams focused on training customers as well as identifying customer needs and pain points, and working with internal development teams to modify the products to more appropriately address the needs of the marketplace. Dr. Sloan’s most recent positions have been in the proteomics/protein biomarkers arena. During his work supporting biomarker trials, he became acutely aware of the struggles to adequately test drugs in tissue culture model systems which reflected human biology.

Steve Klose, M.S., Director of Global Sales

Mr. Klose brings over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience and a demonstrated record of performance and achievement. Most recently, Steve was a Business Development Manager at mid-size biotechnology industries, where he was an integral figure in commercializing a next generation immunoassay platform. Steve has assisted in the marketing and deployment of products and services for maximum market penetration, growth, and revenue generation.

Tim Jensen, M.S. M.B.A, Manager for Development and Contract Research

Mr. Jensen has an extensive background in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, having +25 years’ combined research performed at the University of Michigan, Pfizer, BASF and GlaxoSmithKline. Tim specialization is cell based assay development for drug discovery including significant work with ion channels and transporters.