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• March 13-17, 2016; Meet us at SOT in New Orleans, LA. Annual Meeting and Tox Expo

• March 22-26, 2015; Meet us at SOT in San Diego, CA. Annual Meeting and Tox Expo

• Feb. 7-11, 2015; SLAS. Come See Us in Washington, DC. Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

• April 5, 2014; NC State University. Come See Us

• March 24-27, 2014; Meet us at SOT in Phoenix Arizona. Annual Meeting and Tox Expo

• March 13, 2014; Duke University. St. Patrick’s Day

• Jan. 16-17, 2014; Future ToxII, Pathways to prediction. CCT Meeting


• Jan. 16, 2015; Triangle Business Journal. New VP of Business Operations at SciKon Innovation

• March 24, 2014; News Company WRAL.com and TechWire. SciKon’s Biotool Recognized

• March 2014; NC Biotechnology Center Supports SciKon’s Product Launch. Online Link

• Aug. 2013; NC Senator Richard Burr. With the SciKon Team

• June 2013; NC Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker. With the SciKon Team


2016 March. SOT Microfluidics and High-Content Imaging for In-Vitro to In-Vivo Safety and Efficacy Assessments.

2016 March. SOT Toxicity Assessment of Co-Culture Human Systems during Serial Multi-Well Gradient Exposures.

2015 March. SOT Differences in predicted EC-50s using time-resolved, non-linear toxicant exposure compared to static exposures in vitro.

2013 Oct. American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology Waterfall Microfluidics: A New Biodevice for Complex Cell Culture